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Over view of the Operating system
Features of os
History of unix/Linux
Features of unix/Linux
Flavours of unix/Linux
Comparision of unix with windows
Architecture of unix/Linux
What is a shell?
What is a Kernel? and Tools, compilers
Unix File System

Different type of files
  • Ordinary Files
  • Directory Files
  • Device Files
Basic commands
  • logname, pwd, hostname, uname, cal, date
  • logout(exit) , banner, tput clear,who,
  • ls , whoami , finger,
  • who am i, uptime, time,history,setenv
Creating users and Groups
  • groupadd,groupdel
  • useradd, userdel
System startup and shutdown
  • Init,halt,shutdown
  • Different run levels
Working with Files
  • How to create files?
  • Difference between cat and touch
  • cat, touch, rm,split
  • cp, ln, wc, renaming Files(mv), nl
Working with directories
  • mkdir, cd, rmdir , rm
Displaying Files
  • ls, ls options
  • apropos,help,man,info
Zip Files
  • Compress, uncompress
  • Pack, unpack, gzip, gunzip, zcat, pcat,tar
Viewing long files
  • pg, more ,head, tail ,less,display
Comparing Files
  • cmp,comm, diff
  • Zcmp,zdiff
Printing files
  • lp, lpr(with options)
searching Files
  • find,locate,which,whereis,what
Standard Input & Output &Error
  • Redirecting Input
  • Redirecting Output
  • Redirecting Error
Different date formats & cal with more                 options
Wild card Characters : ^, $, \<, \>, *, ?, +,|,?
Tools for Filters
  • grep, grep with more options
  • fgrep , egrep
Regular Expressions & patterns
  • What is the need of Regular Expression
  • What is a Regular Expression
  • Different type of Patterns
    • Character pattern
    • Word Pattern
    • Line pattern
Flat Files
  • What is a Flat File
  • What is the need of Flat File
  • Delimiter Flat File
  • Custom Delimiter Flat File
What is Delimiter?
Different types of Delimiters
Reading data frm flat files
Writing data to flat Files
Tools for handling flat files
  • Cut, paste
Tools for sorting
  • Sort by lines
  • Sort by fields
  • Sort with options
  • Uniq with options
Changing Information In Files
  • tr with options
  • sed with options
  • Need of piping
  • Piping With Filters
  • tee command
File permissions
  • Types of Permissions
  • How to change permissions
  • What is the need of changing permissions
  • Chmod , umask
  • How to change group
  • How to change Owner
Communication Commands
  • Write,mail,wall,mail with options
Networking Commands
  • telnet, ftp, vlogin, rdate, rlogin
Disk status
  • du, df, free
Job Control
  • Fore ground jobs
  • Back ground Jobs
  • Killing jobs
  • nohup
Process status
  • ps with options,kill,killall
  • Ed Editor
  • Ex Editor
  • Vi Editor
  • Modes of vi editor
    • Character pattern
    • Word Pattern
    • Line pattern
Shell Scripting:

What is shell Scripting
Different types of shells
      (sh, bash, ksh, csh, zsh, tcsh)
Importance of shell scripting
Creating shell script
Making shell script executable
Startup & logout files
Shell input & output
  • echo, print, read

Escape character constants

  • echo, print, read
  • System defined variables
    • Environmental
  • User defined Variables
    • Constanrt variables
    • How to create Local & Global variables
  • Arithmetical Operators
  • Relational Numeric Operators
  • Relational Ascii Operators
  • Logical Operators
Special Files
  • Trash Files
  • Terminal Files
Conditional Execution Statements
  • if, if…else, if …elif.., case

How to know what type of file we created?

String test commands

  • While, until, for
  • Break, continue, true, false

Exit & sleep commands
Related Flat File Shellscripts
Command line arguments

  • Usage of command line arguments
  • Creating new unix commands
  • What is $0,$#,$*,$@,$$
  • Calling Oracle stored procedures
Job scheduling

  • At, crontab, batch
Compile and Execution of c & c++
Execcuting java programs and web       application
Unix Installation