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1. Day1

o BI Evalution
o Legacy vs Tableau
o Qlikview vs Tableau
o Tableau Products

 Tableau Public
 Tableau Desktop
 Tableau Reader
 Tableau Server
 Tableau Online

o Tableau Desktop Workspace
o First Worksheet
o Top 10 Customers

 Day2
o Loading data in tableau
o Split
o Pivot
o Alias
o Live vs Extract
o Filter
o Custom sql

 Day3
o Measure Names
o Number of Records
o Calculated Field Intro
o Header for single measure

 Day4
o Bar Charts
o Stacked Bar chart
o Side by Side Bar Chart
o Maps
o Line Charts
o Quick Fillters

 Day 5
o Line Charts variation
o Understanding Continous vs Discrete
o YOY and YDT Calculation
o Packed Bubble chart and Word cloud

 Day 6
o Forecasting
o Reference Lines
o Mark/Point/Area

 Day 7
o Dual Axis
 Map
 Line and Bar Chart
o Quick Filters
o Page Shelf

 Day 8
o Calculated Field and Parameters
o Dynamic measures
o IF and Case statements
o Histogram
o Bins

 Day 9
o Scatter Plot
o Box-plot whisker Chart
o Bullet Chart
o High light table
o Text Table
o Heat map

 Day 10 & 11
o Table Calculations
o Sub/Grand Total
o Aggregate vs Non-Aggregate
o Tool Tip
o Page Shelf

 Day 12 & 13
o Sets
o Groups

o Primary Group

 Day 13 & 14 & 15
o Work Sheet Actions
o Building Dashboards
o Dashboard Actions
o Layouts
o Formatting

 Day 16
o Story points and use cases

 Day 17
o Level of Detail Calculations

 Day 18
o Row level access and column level access
o Control charts
o Using INDEX to sort multiple columns

 Day 19 & Day 20
o SQL Overview
o Joins
o WITH Statements

 Day 21
o Extracts in Detail
o Connecting to various sources
o Connecting to web data
o Connectors

 Day22
o Server Overview
o Server Components
o Creating Sites
o Creating Users

 Day 23
o Publishing dashboard to server
o Publishing data source to server
o Connecting to Data in server
o Publishing extract to server
o Scheduling extracts

 Day 24
o Permissions
o Groups
o Access levels