Courses Offered: SCJP SCWCD Design patterns EJB CORE JAVA AJAX Adv. Java XML STRUTS Web services SPRING HIBERNATE  

Syllabus :

I. Requirements and Course Content:
- Testing professionals with or without experience in

unctional testing and Java
- Prerequisites
- Basic testing knowledge
- Hours 20 hours Training + 3 Hrs Doubts session

Training Requirements/Logistics
• Internet connection and administrator privileges
• Selenium libraries, Eclipse, JDK(Java) , Maven(S/w project management tool), TestNG (Unit testing framework)
• Firefox , Chrome , Internet Explorer

Introduction to Automation
• What is automation testing
• Advantages of Automation Testing
• How to learn any automation tool
• Types of Automation tools

Introduction to Selenium
• What is Selenium
• Why Selenium
• Features of selenium
• Difference between Selenium and QTP

Core Java Programming
• Introduction to core java
• Basic java programming and features
• Variables
• Datatypes
• String functions
• Decision based statements (if, Switch case)
• Loops (For, while, do-while)
• Arrays and Methods
• Object oriented programming concepts (Inheritance, Polymorphism)
• Package
• Exception Handling
• Collections

Selenium IDE
• Selenium IDE Introduction
• Downloading and Installing Selenium IDE
• Recording and Running a Sample Test
• Selenium IDE – Features
• Selenium Test Runner
• Creating Selenium Test Suites
• Why companies are not using recording
• Limitations of Selenium IDE

Selenium Webdriver
• Why WebDriver?
• Downloading WebDriver Jar files and configuring in eclipse
• Architecture of selenium webdriver
• Selenium Browser Commands
• Selenium NavigationCommands
• Selenium Javadocs
• Verifying Page Elements – Assertions and Verifications
• Wait Commands (Implicit, Explicit, Pageload, Script)
• Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome
• First Selenium Code
• Working with Firefox, chrome and IE
• Close and Quit -Difference
• HTMLUnit driver
• Firepath and firebug Add-ons installation
• Inspecting elements in Mozilla, Chrome and IE
• HTML language tags and attributes
• Various locator strategies
• WebDriver Interface
• WebElement Interface
• Finding WebElements using id, name, class
• Finding Xpaths
• Absolute and Relative Xpaths
• Objects with same id/xpath/cssSelector
• What is class attribute?
• Handling HTML Elements such as:
o Input textfields
o submit button
o Radio button
o Checkbox
o Hyperlink
• Finding whether object is present on page or not
• Handling drop down list
• Select Class in Selenium API
• Taking Screenshots of the web

• Actions class
• Moving a mouse (Hover) on an Object and right clicking on it
• Navigating front and back button click on Browser using selenium
• Javascript Executor

Cross Browser testing
• Firefox browser
• Google chrome browser
• Internet explorer

• What is TestNg
• Installing TestNg in Eclipse
• TestNg annotations
• Advantages over Junit
• Understanding usage of annotations
• Running a Test in TestNg
• Batch Running of tests in TestNg
• parameterizing Tests - DataProvider
• Assertions/Reporting Errors
• TestNg Reports
• Using TestNg in Selenium
• Grouping test cases
• Setting priority of execution for test cases
• TestNG-Maven Integration

• What is Maven and Why Maven?
• Installing/Configuring Maven
• Eclipse plugin for maven
• Creating maven project
• POM.xml
• Maven Repositories
• Building POM.xml to configure
Selenium and TestNG
• Importing the maven project into eclipse
• Building a selenium project and running it through Maven

Object Repository
• What is object repository
• Sample scripts using object repository