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SAP - MM - Training


SAP MM Online Training Course Content
Duration: 5-6 Weeks
Overview of Materials Management
• Introduction to Procure to Pay
• Procure to Pay Process – Demonstration/Exercise
Enterprise and Organizational Structure
• Definitions of Enterprise Structure and Organizational Structure Values
• Enterprise and Organizational Structure – Plant, Storage Location, Purchasing
• Demo/Exercise
Material Master
• Key Fields in the Material Master
• Material Master Configuration – Field Selection, Material Types, Material Status
• Create Material Master
• Demo/Exercise
Vendor Master
• Vendor Master Key Fields
• Configuring Vendor Master Account Groups, Partner Determination
• Create New Vendor
• Demo/Exercise
Information Record
• Key Fields in the Info Record
• Information Record Field Selection, Text Type Configuration
• Create Information Record and test configuration
• Demo/Exercise
Consumption Based Planning
• Overview of Consumption Based Planning
• Directing Consumption Based Planning with Material Master Data
• Planning Process
• Planning Run
• Forecasting
• Configuration of Consumption Based Planning
• Review Material Master Settings
• Execute Planning Run
• Review Planning Run
• Convert Planned Order to Purchase

• Demo/Exercise Purchasing
• Overview of Purchasing
• Purchasing Master Data
• Purchasing Document Types
• Optimized Purchasing
• Configuration of Purchasing Document Types
• Configuration of Purchasing Pricing
• Configuration of Purchasing Release Strategies
• Demo/Exercise

Inventory Management
• Overview of Inventory Management
• Configuration of Inventory Management Plant Parameters
• Goods Movements -Goods Receipts /Goods Issues/Stock Transfer/Transfer Postings
• Movement Types Configuration
• Special Stocks– Subcontracting
• Special Stocks– Consignment
• Special Stocks– Stock Transport Orders
• Demo/Exercise
Valuation and Account Determination
• Material Valuation and Valuation Methods
• Account Determination Configuration
• Demo/Exercise
Logistics Invoice Verification
• Overview of Logistics Invoice Verification
• Document Parking
• Invoice Blocking
• Evaluated Receipt Settlement
• Demo/Exercise
Materials Management Logistics Information System
• Overview of Logistics Information System
• Standard Analysis in LIS
• Early Warning System
• Flexible Analysis
• Demo/Exercise