Courses Offered: SCJP SCWCD Design patterns EJB CORE JAVA AJAX Adv. Java XML STRUTS Web services SPRING HIBERNATE  

Syllabus :

I. Introduction to Hadoop & Big Data
What is Big Data
What is Hadoop
Hadoop Architecture Concepts
Why Hadoop
Where is Hadoop used/use cases
How to setup Hadoop
Advantages/Disadvantages of Hadoop

2.Basics Hadoop Components
Map Reduce

3. HDFS Architeture Concepts
HDFS and its components
What are HDFS Daemons
What is NameNode
NameNode features & functionality
What is DataNode
DataNode features & functionality
What is JobTracker
How JobTracker works
What is TaskTracker
How TaskTracker works
Reading files from HDFS
Writing files to HDFS
Rack Aware concepts.

4. "MapReduceArchiteture&DesignConcepts"

What is a Client
Lab: How it works
What is a Job
Lab: How it works
What is MapReduce
Lab: How it works
Simple MapReduce Algorithm Sample
Lab: How it works
Complex MapReduce Algorithm Sample
Lab: How it works
MapReduce using Eclipse Integration
Lab: How it works
Deploy MapReduce on Hadoop
Setup Hadoop
How to Debug MapReduce
What is Map Chaining
Lab: How it works
Testing Fundamentals
What is Job Scheduling
How to configure
Explore Apache MapReduceWebUI
MapReduce Combiners &Partitioners
Sorting & Searching in HDFS
What are Counters
Lab: How it works

5. Hadoop Administration Concepts
Lab: HDFS user commands
Lab: HDFS admin commands
Administrative procedures
Lab: Understanding dfsadmin&mradmin
Lab: Understanding Healthcheck&safemode
Lab: Configuring Schedulers
Lab: Configuring Queues

6. Hive & it concepts
Hive Fundamentals
Hive Architecture
Hive Installation & setup
HQL concepts
Lab: HQL
Integration with Hadoop
CLI & Thrift modes
Lab: How it works
What is UDF
Lab: How it works

7. Pig & its concepts
Pig Fundamentals
Pig Architecture
Pig Installation & setup
Lab: How it works
What is Pig UDF
Lab: How it works
8. Hbase
Introduction to Hbase
Hbase Basics
Column Families
Hbase Architecture
Hbase Rest Client
Hbase Thrift Client
Hbase Web UI
Hbase Admin
Hbase Schema Definition
Hbase CRUD Ops
9. Flume
What is Flume
Installation & Setup
Lab: How it works
Introduction to SQOOP
11. OOPS Concepts
Why OOPs
What is OOPs
Designing Objects & Classes
OO Design
12. Core Java Concepts
Java Basics
What is Serialization
Introduction to Generics
Introduction to Collections
I/O Concepts
13. Functional Programming
14. Linux Basics