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C-Programming Language

1. Declarations and Initializations

2. Control Instructions
a) if
b) if-else
c) Dangling else
d) if else dummies
e) switch
f) while
g) for
h) do-while
i) loop dummies
j) break
k) continue
l) goto

3. Expressions

4. Data Types

5. Floating Point Issues

6. Functions
a) User defined functions
b) Pre defined functions
c) storage class specifiers
i) auto
ii) static
iii) extern
iv) regiester
v) typedef
d) Recursion

7. C Preprocessor
a) macros
b) conditional compilation
c) file inclusion
d) #pragma

8. Pointers
a) Introduction to pointers
b) Jargon of pointers
c) Double and triple pointers
d) dangling pointer
c) null pointer
d) void pointer
f) function pointers

9. Arrays
a) Introduction of arrays
b) 1D array
c) 2D Array
d) 3D and Multi Dimension Arrays
e) Array of pointers
f) Pointer to an array
e) Functions using array & pointers

10. Strings
a) Introduction to strings
b) 1D string
c) 2D string
d) Character array Vs String
e) Character pointer Vs String
f) Predefined String functions.

11. structures, unions, enums

a) Introduction to structures
b) Nested structures/ Containers
c) Self Referential structures
d) unions
e) enums
f) bit fields

12. File Input / Output
a) text files
b) audio files
c) video files

13. Command Line Arguments

14. Bitwise Operators

15. typedef

16. const

17. Dynamic memory Allocation
a) malloc
b) calloc
c) realloc
e) free


1. Printed Material
2. Online exams on each and every topic ( )
3. Class room notes
4. 5000+ programs are covered in class room discussion.
5. Tips to crack written test & interviews.

Exit Profile:

1. Student can crack any written test & interviews

2. Student can develop C code for the given requirement.