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Exception Handling Course Details


Batch Date: Nov 8th & 9th @ 9:00AM

Faculty: Mr. Durga

Duration: 2 days WorkShop - 1 - 1 Video Sessions

Fee: 400/- INR + Reg Fee 100/-INR

Location : S.R Nagar, Hyderabad.

Venue :
Canara bank building 2nd floor,
near S. R Nagar Ploce Station,


Exception Handling Syllabus:


Runtime stack Mechanism

Default Exception Handling in java

Exception Heirarchy

Customized Exception Handling by try & catch

Control flow in try & catch

Methods to print Exception information

Try with multiple catch blocks

Finally block

Difference between final, finally & Finalize

Various possible combinations of try-catch-finally

Control flow in try-catch-finally

Control flow in nested try-catch-finally



Exception Handling keywords summary

Various possible compile-time errors in Exception Handling

Customised Exceptions

Top Ten Exception

After Completion This WrokShop You Can Answer All The Below Questions:

1. What is an Exception?

2. What is the purpose of Exception Handling?

3. What is the meaning of Exception Handling?

4. Explain Default Exception Handling Mechanism in java?

5. What is the purpose of try?

6. What is the purpose of catch block?

7. Is try with multiple catch block is possible?

8. If try with multiple catch block present is order of catch blocks important in which order we have to take?

9. What are various methods to print Exception information? And differentiate them.

10. If an exception raised inside catch block then what will happen?

11. Is it possible to take try, catch inside try block?

12. Is it possible to take try, catch inside catch block?

13. Is it possible to take try without catch?

14. What is the purpose of finally block?

15. Is finally block will be execute always?

16. In which situation finally block will not executed?

17. If return statement present inside try is finally block will be executed?

18. What is the difference between final, finally and finalize ()?

19. Is it possible to write any statement between try-catch and finally?

20. Is it possible to take two finally blocks for the same try?

21. Is syntax try-finally-catch is valid?

22. What is the purpose of throw?

23. Is it possible to throw an Error?

24. Is it possible to throw any java object?

25. After throw is it allow to take any statement directly?

26. What is the purpose of throws?

27. What is the difference between throw and throws?

28. What is the difference between throw and thrown?

29. Is it possible to use throws keyword for any java class?

30. If we are taking catch block for an exception but there is no chance of rising that exception in try then what will happen?

31. Explain Exception handling keywords?

32. Which class act as root for entire java Exception hierarchy?

33. What is the difference between Error and Exception?

34. What is difference between checked exception and unchecked exception?

35. What is difference between partially checked and fully checked Exception?

36. What is a customized Exception?

37. Explain the process of creating the customized Exception.

38. Explain control flow in try, catch, finally.

39. Can you give the most common occurred exception in your previous project?

40. Explain the cases where you used Exception handling in your previous project?