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Collections Framework

Batch Date:
Nov 8th & 9th @ 9:00AM

Faculty: Mr. Durga

Duration: 2 days WorkShop - 1 - 1 Video Sessions          

Fee:  600/- INR + Reg Fee 100/-INR

Location : S.R Nagar, Hyderabad.

Venue :
Canara bank building 2nd floor,
near S. R Nagar Ploce Station,

Overview of Collection framework ?


After Completion This WrokShop You Can Answer All The Below Questions:

1. What are limitation of object Arrays?

2. What are differences between arrays and collections?

3. What are differences between arrays and ArrayList?

4. What are differences between arrays and Vector?

5. What is Collection API?

6. What is Collection framework?

7. What is difference between Collections and Collection?

8. Explain about Collection interface?

9. Explain about List interface?

10. Explain about Set interface?

11. Explain about SortedSet interface?

12. Explain about NavigableSet?

13. Explain about Queue interface?

14. Explain about Map interface?

15. Explain about SortedMap?

16. Explain about NavigableMap?

17. Explain about ArrayList class?

18. What is RandomAccess Interface?

19. Explain about LinkedList class?

20. Explain about Vector class?

21. What is difference between ArrayList and Vector?

22. How we can get synchronized version of ArrayList?

23. What is difference between size and capacity of a Collection Object?

24. What is difference between ArrayList and Linked List?

25. What are legacy classes and interfaces present in Collections framework?

26. What is difference Enumeration and Iterator?

27. What are limitations of Enumeration?

28. What is difference between enum and Enumeration?

29. What is difference between Iterator and ListIterator?

30. What is relation between ListIterator and Iterator?

31. Explain about HashSet class?

32. If we are trying to insert duplicate values in Set what will happen?

33. What is LinkedHashSet?

34. What is difference between HashSet and LinkedHashSet?

35. What are major enhancements in 1.4 version of collection frame work?

36. Explain about TreeSet?

37. What are differences between List and Set interfaces?

38. What is Comparable interface?

39. What is Comparator interface?

40. What are differences between Comparable and Comparator?

41. What is difference between HashSet and TreeSet?

42. What is Entry interface?

43. Explain about HashMap?

44. Explain about LinkedHashMap?

45. What are the differences between HashMap and LinkedHashMap?

46. What are the differences between HashMap and Hashtable?

47. What is IdentityHashMap?

48. What is difference between HashMap and IdentityHashMap?

49. What is WeakHashMap?

50. What is difference between HashMap and WeakHashMap?

51. What is TreeMap?

52. What is Hashtable?

53. What is PriorityQueue?

54. What is Arrays class?

55. We are planning to do an indexed search in a list of objects. Which of the two Java collections should you use: ArrayList or LinkedList?

56. Why ArrayList is faster than Vector?

57.How we can sort the elements of list?

58.How we can reverse the order of elements of a list?

59. Explain about Collections class?

60.What is the b/w reverse () and reverseOrder () present in Collections class?

61. xplain about Arrays class?

62.How we can implement sorting for arrays?

63. Is it possible to convert collection object to Array?

64. Is it possible to convert array into ArrayList form?

65.Explain about binarySearch() method available in Collections and Arrays classes?

66.What is the difference b/w index and insertion point?

67.What is load-factor?